Another Blog, Huh

First Post by Tom Krueger 

I have been thinking for a while now about starting a blog but have been concerned about writing the very first post.  I really didn’t know what to say.  I have been interested in writing a blog and sharing my exeriences for one, to have a journal of what I have been doing and second, to hopefully help others as so many other blog writers have helped me. 

This blog will mostly consist of topics related to my two professional passions which are Software Development and Entrepreneurship.  I have been working at both for a while now.  Started out working for a consulting company as programmer and quickly moved into a lead developer position in corporate IT taking on the role of applications architect.  After noticing myself getting a bit comfortable I decided it was time to spread my wings as an entrepreneur and start a company.  The goal of starting the company at that time really was to learn and get exposure to other aspects of business without actually changing careers.  So I chose the path with the least risk and started a software consulting company.  At the same time I picked up and moved to the Seattle area.  I wanted to get out and see some place different; get exposure to new things and new people.  Initially I chose Seattle because of the water, mountains, and technology.  I grew up sail boat racing, I love to down hill ski, and technology is just so darn interesting.  Now it is about 5 years later and I am still consulting and have learned a lot.  Today my biggest struggle is that I am still “working in the business” instead of “working on the business”.  I also continue to have a passion to start another company.  I come up with ideas almost daily so it is getting time for me to start taking action on these ideas.  Many times I’m thinking about something and then a few weeks later I find the idea written up in Business 2.0 magazine which to a degree at least validates the idea for me.  I wish I could find two other people to partner with that were as passionate and eager as me, but of course having different skill sets.  I truly believe with the right people we could crank projects out and deliver them to market quickly. 

Thank you for taking the time to check this out.  I hope you check in from time to time and please drop me a note good or bad through the commets.

Have a wonderful day,

Tom Krueger

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