Unit Tests Hanging in Visual Studio 2008

For some time now I have been dealing with unit tests in Visual Studio 2008 hanging.  The unit test goes to Pending state and then just hangs there.  At first I was restarting Visual Studio to resolve the issue but then that got to be too often so I found that if you kill VSTestHost.exe and re-run the test it works.  Ok, that was fine for a while, but today I was about fed up with it so I search a bit.  At this point you are probably thinking that there is a happy ending with a nice solution.  Well maybe.  I did find a post that describes the same problem so others are having this issue and at some point in the future the resolution may be posted there  (the link is below).  However, the solution may be in VS 2008 SP1 I still havn’t installed that.  Anyway just wanted to make sure others know to kill the VSTestHost.exe instead of restarting Visual Studio.


Merrry Christmas!

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One Comment on “Unit Tests Hanging in Visual Studio 2008”

  1. naresh Says:

    I am facing the same problem in VS 2010, but upon restarting Visual studio also problem persists, surprisingly when I debug the cases instead of running unit tests are running fine.

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