Where’s My WCF WSDL?

Ran into an issue the other day where I was not able to find the WSDL for a new WCF service.  Tried navigating to the WSDL through the browser and all I got was a blank page.  Knowing that WCF doesn’t have to provide a WSDL I verified that things were configured properly for expsoing it.  Everything else worked, I could connect to it from my WCF client application and through the WCF Test Client.  Luckily I basically copied the service definition from another service and I was able to identify a missing foward slash at the end of the base address.  Surprisingly that was the missing piece.  So make sure that base address ends with a forward slash.

<service behaviorConfiguration=Xyz.ServiceBrokerBehavior
<add baseAddress=http://localhost:9090/Xyz/SomeService/  />
endpoint address=SomeService
contract=Xyz.ISomeService />
endpoint address=mex
contract=IMetadataExchange />

btw – In my search to figure out this problem I found a nice article by Keith Elder.  About half way down there is a section titled “Exposing Our Service’s WSDL”.  http://www.keithelder.net/blog/archive/2008/01/17/Exposing-a-WCF-Service-With-Multiple-Bindings-and-Endpoints.aspx

Hope this saves you some hair,

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