Right-clicking a file crashes Windows Explorer


Recently I had encountered an incredibly annoying problem in Windows Explorer where whenever I right-clicked on a file Windows Explorer would crash.  I tried uninstalling the most recent software that I installed figuring that something may have been put in the Context menu, but that didn’t solve it.  After a bit of searching I found this article “Troubleshooting Windows Errors” which addressed the issue and told me about a handy program called ShellExView that can be used to enable and disable context menu items.

You can read the troubleshooting article listed above for more details, but here is the gist:

1) Download, UnZip, and Run ShellExView

2) Sort By Type and look for those labeled Context Menu.

3) Disable all of the Context Menu Extensions that are NOT provided by Microsoft.  There is a Company column that can be used to identify these.  It is unlikely that Microsoft is the one causing the problem.

4) At this point, you could try right-clicking on a file.  If the problem still exists, you may want to close everything down and then re-open explorer and try again.  I’m not certain when the disabling takes effect.

5) Once you have disabled enough extensions to resolve the issue, start re-enabling the ones you have disabled.  To make them easier to find just sort by the disabled field and start enabling the ones that are disabled.

If you happen to resolve you issue using this information, please post a comment that identifies the software that caused the problem and the version of Windows that you are using.  That information may be useful to others having this problem.

Hope this saves you some hair,


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