Windows 8 – Black Screen After Boot

I was about to panic this morning when Windows 8 did not boot up properly.  It only went to a black screen with the mouse still working.  Looking online I found a couple posts that say to try to repair or re-install which I was about to do and then.  Wait for it.

I turned my other monitors on.  And there she was, just waiting behind monitor 2 to be clicked on.  Whew!

Details of my setup:

  • Laptop with 3 monitor setup (1 laptop + 2 external)
  • Multi-Boot Setup

So in a rare case that you have multiple monitors connected to a laptop, where you have shut your monitors off after shutting down the laptop and have multi-boot (i.e. no operating system has loaded yet, just the nice new OS picker screen), then you may find that your laptop monitor is black.

Update: I also have had it happen when I disconnect my laptop from other monitors and then being out and about with only my laptop the screen doesn’t come up.  I likely could just hard reboot, but then I would lose what I had up.  I was able to get it to switch to my laptop monitor by using the monitor switch key, however, it took a while.  Mine took nearly 30 seconds before the monitor switch happened.

Hope this saves you from wasting a bunch of time.

Did this help you?  If so, could you help me?
I would appreciate you checking out a Free Windows 8 app that I created called FlixPicks.  I really appreciate any feedback you have good or bad.  Even if you don’t download it, could you tell me why so that I know what to change.  I solved a personal problem of being able to easily see where a movie is available in 1 spot.  Now I want to only add more to it as people request.  About FlixPicks.  I appreciate your help!

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7 Comments on “Windows 8 – Black Screen After Boot”

  1. Campbell Says:

    Cheers! I was browsing through all the other forums about re-installing it too. Once I found your blog about it, I suddenly remembered my TV is connected to the desktop computer (with windows 8). So I take the remote of the TV and change from watching to TV to the desired HDMI, then there she was, and then boom my PC monitor decides to work. The TV has the metro screen and the computer monitor has the “desktop” home screen.

  2. ja Says:

    i have same problum but my laptop screen is broke. when i plug into my tv it just shows black screen

    • Tom Krueger Says:

      I assume that you are trying to switch your primary monitor using the function + monitor key to make your tv the primary monitor. Also make sure that your tv is on the proper input source. You may run into other issues if you are connecting your TV without ever logging in while being connected. Resolution etc. You may want to find another monitor until you are able to get logged in once and then connect your tv. If you are having the same problem though that I had where my login screen was on the other monitor, the screen might be sitting there waiting for you to enter your password. Try typing your password and hitting enter. Alternatively the screen may be sitting there waiting for you to click the user account. Hit enter first to select the user that would be showing on the screen, and then enter your password and hit enter again. You might get lucky. If you had multiple users setup on the PC, then you will want to try all of the passwords for every user.

      Good luck.

  3. Joel Says:

    Wish I had seen this before my 3rd reinstall. I did a fresh install and could never get past installing devices. Saw this and remembered I had my hdmi going to my tv. Thanks!

  4. David Says:

    Haha, sat here for an hour waiting for the screen to boot up. Finally got tired of waiting googled it on my iPhone, found myself here… monitor 2. There it was!


  5. Anonymous Says:

    Thank you for advice. I had also problem with my tv being connected to pc and a blank screen appearing after this very nice, simplistic ‘please wait’ screen. Strange that windows 8 chooses tv rather than monitor when there are tho devices connected. I unpluged a cable and everything went back and appeared the way it should have been from the very beggining.

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