How to Always open links in Desktop I.E. on Windows 8

If you are a desktop user of Windows 8 like me, you may find the new I.E. Windows 8 Style app not what you are looking for when using a mouse.  You may want your tabs back the way they had been.  This really becomes a problem for me when I’m in the Windows 8 Email and I click on a link.  I want it to go to the desktop version of I.E.  Well it turns out that there is a setting to do this.  Here are the steps to do it:

  1. Open I.E. Desktop version (The one with the tabs)
  2. Open Tools (Alt – X)
  3. Select Internet Options
  4. Select Programs Tab
  5. From the “Choose how you open links” dropdown select “Always in Internet Explorer on the desktop”

When I end up getting a tablet I will likely go back to the new Windows 8 style I.E., however, I probably will want to have it work one way for touch and another way when using a mouse.  If anyone figures that out, please post how you did.  I’m thinking there might be an opening for an setting application here.

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