Migrate Azure Service

If you are looking to migrate a single azure service to a different account you can find the steps I took here.  First, you might want to consider having Microsoft do it for you.  Take a look at How to transfer your Azure site to another subscription for more information on that.  I wanted to control when things happened on my timetable so I chose a different path mainly so I could coordinate re-pointing my domain.

In my case I have a web application and SQL Database that I will be migrating.

  1. Move your database.
    Microsoft provide a nice feature in the old portal for moving your database.  It actually isn’t a move, it is just changing the owning subscription, so the connection string stays the same, and it only takes two seconds.  R Syam Kumar has a nice post on it on the Windows Azure Blog.  In order to perform the move you will need to have access to both your subscriptions in the Management Portal.  I accomplished this by adding one user as a co-admin on the other subscription.  Then login with the user that has access to both subscriptions.  Note: This all needed to be done in the old azure management portal at the time of writing.
  2. Create Services in the destination subscription such as a Cloud Service or Web Site.
  3. Publish your services to the destination subscription with the same package you have on the other subscription.
  4. Test it to make sure everything is working on the destination using the xxx.cloudapp.net url.
  5. Point your domain to the destination subscription.
  6. Wait for it to take affect.
  7. Delete the old services after a few days.  Allow time for cached DNS to catch up.

Up until the point that I found the tool to move the database this was going to be a bit more difficult likely including a short amount of downtime.  Kudos to the Azure team for adding that feature.

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