Syncing Google Drive with Multiple Google Accounts

If you are like me and have multiple Google accounts for different things that you are involved in, you likely have run into an issue with syncing files from all of your accounts to a single computer.  As far as I know Google Drive can only sync 1 account to your computer.

Here is how I am setup to make the sync work, however, there are limitations.  Basically I setup a personal account that I use for my Google Drive Syncing. Then I share folders or documents from all external accounts to my personal account.  The trick here is to keep things organized once it is sync’d so that I don’t have two accounts colliding in the same folder 1) making a mess of documents and 2) potentially syncing documents to other accounts inadvertently.


  1. Create central Google account.  I use personal account for this.
  2. Install Goggle Drive and connect it to my central account.
  3. Test the syncing for good measure.
  4. Login to other Google account and share files or folder with my central account.
  5. Go back your central account and create a container folder in My Drive for the other account.  This is the key point to keeping things separate.
  6. Go to Shared With Me and drag the items that you shared into the folder you created in My Drive.
  7. Whola, everything should be sync’d locally in a few seconds.

The issue with this approach is that if the other Google account does not allow sharing outside of it’s Organization, then you won’t be able to share with your personal central account.

If you run into this, I believe there are other syncing products available.  If anyone can suggest one, please comment.  Also please comment if this works for you or have other suggestions.

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