Windows 8 Store – Stuck verifying identity

Posted September 21, 2012 by Tom Krueger
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When submitting to the Windows 8 Store, I ran into an issue with step #1 of the certification process. I was getting a warning message: “We haven’t finished verifying your identity. After we verify your identity, we’ll start certifying your app.”  Sounds reasonable, so at first I assumed they just needed more time, however, the screen says that it will only take an hour. Oh well, it is a new process so I’ll give it until tomorrow. Well, it was still the same. After chatting and talking with Microsoft Support as well as few rounds with Symantec (the identity verification company) still no luck and it is still stuck waiting for the identity to be verified.

So how did I solve it:

I noticed that if I changed my publisher name, the identity process would get kicked off again. So I tried it, we received the emails both for developer and corporate approver. Ok, now we are cooking. I then waited until morning to see if that fixed it, but it didn’t so I contacted Symantec again over chat and this time they said they just need to push it through and 15 mins later I was verified. I probed them a bit, and Symantec said to contact them if this issue occurs.

So my point of writing this, is so you don’t waste time. Contact Symantec if you get that warning message for more than an hour in my opinion. I wasted 5 days on it. Feel free to send cash if this save you. Ha j/k. However, if you want to, feel free. 🙂

Here is the chat linked that I used: You will need your order number (or also labeled Microsoft Developer Services Account)

Before contacting Symantec make sure you have the following in order:

  1. Make sure you use a company email domain for the approver (i.e. not Yahoo or Gmail)
  2. Make sure your company approver has actually approved it. They will receive an email. This was not my problem, but I could see this being the cause.
  3. Make sure to fill out the Payout information and Tax information. I don’t know if it is really needed to fix this issue but I was told that it is needed by Microsoft, however Symantec said that it didn’t. Just fill it out. Note: after mine was filled out I still had to contact Symantec to get the process pushed through.

Good Luck,


How to Always open links in Desktop I.E. on Windows 8

Posted September 11, 2012 by Tom Krueger
Categories: Windows 8


If you are a desktop user of Windows 8 like me, you may find the new I.E. Windows 8 Style app not what you are looking for when using a mouse.  You may want your tabs back the way they had been.  This really becomes a problem for me when I’m in the Windows 8 Email and I click on a link.  I want it to go to the desktop version of I.E.  Well it turns out that there is a setting to do this.  Here are the steps to do it:

  1. Open I.E. Desktop version (The one with the tabs)
  2. Open Tools (Alt – X)
  3. Select Internet Options
  4. Select Programs Tab
  5. From the “Choose how you open links” dropdown select “Always in Internet Explorer on the desktop”

When I end up getting a tablet I will likely go back to the new Windows 8 style I.E., however, I probably will want to have it work one way for touch and another way when using a mouse.  If anyone figures that out, please post how you did.  I’m thinking there might be an opening for an setting application here.

Separating Great Companies from the Good ones

Posted September 7, 2012 by Tom Krueger
Categories: Entrepreneur

I just stumbled onto a letter from Tony Hsieh the CEO of Zappos to employees about a fairly drastic change in their business.  I felt the letter was written very well and actually, as an outsider at least, inspired me to want to work for Zappos.  The reason for my writing now though is that I thought it would be worth repeating the following paragraph on being a financially “great” company.

Research from “Good to Great” and “Tribal Leadership” has shown that there are two important ingredients that separate the great companies in terms of long-term financial performance from just the good ones: (1) a strong company culture and (2) a higher purpose beyond profits, being #1 in a market, or beating the competition. The research has shown that engaged and inspired employees are more productive employees, and one of the best ways to engage employees and strengthen the company culture are through values alignment (between the company’s values and the employees’ personal values) and a higher purpose vision.

Updating ASP.NET MVC Nuget Packages

Posted September 2, 2012 by Tom Krueger
Categories: ASP.NET MVC


Here is an error and solution I got today when updating Nuget packages for ASP.NET MVC.


‘System.Web.Optimization.BundleCollection’ does not contain a definition for ‘RegisterTemplateBundles’ and no extension method ‘RegisterTemplateBundles’ accepting a first argument of type ‘System.Web.Optimization.BundleCollection’ could be found (are you missing a using directive or an assembly reference?) …\Global.asax.cs 87 24 FlixPicks.Net


In Global.asax -> Application_Start





Windows 8 – Black Screen After Boot

Posted July 27, 2012 by Tom Krueger
Categories: Windows 8


I was about to panic this morning when Windows 8 did not boot up properly.  It only went to a black screen with the mouse still working.  Looking online I found a couple posts that say to try to repair or re-install which I was about to do and then.  Wait for it.

I turned my other monitors on.  And there she was, just waiting behind monitor 2 to be clicked on.  Whew!

Details of my setup:

  • Laptop with 3 monitor setup (1 laptop + 2 external)
  • Multi-Boot Setup

So in a rare case that you have multiple monitors connected to a laptop, where you have shut your monitors off after shutting down the laptop and have multi-boot (i.e. no operating system has loaded yet, just the nice new OS picker screen), then you may find that your laptop monitor is black.

Update: I also have had it happen when I disconnect my laptop from other monitors and then being out and about with only my laptop the screen doesn’t come up.  I likely could just hard reboot, but then I would lose what I had up.  I was able to get it to switch to my laptop monitor by using the monitor switch key, however, it took a while.  Mine took nearly 30 seconds before the monitor switch happened.

Hope this saves you from wasting a bunch of time.

Did this help you?  If so, could you help me?
I would appreciate you checking out a Free Windows 8 app that I created called FlixPicks.  I really appreciate any feedback you have good or bad.  Even if you don’t download it, could you tell me why so that I know what to change.  I solved a personal problem of being able to easily see where a movie is available in 1 spot.  Now I want to only add more to it as people request.  About FlixPicks.  I appreciate your help!

Error linking Azure with Team Foundation Service

Posted July 10, 2012 by Tom Krueger
Categories: TFS

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In trying to link Azure with Team Foundation Service I ran into the permission error listed below.

Failed to link TFS project ‘Your Project’ with your cloud service ‘Your Cloud Service’
Access Denied: needs the following permission(s) on the resource StrongBox to perform this action: Create a StrongBox Drawer.

You need to be added to the Project Collection Admin groups.


  1. From the main TFS page
  2. Click the Administer Account icon in the upper right corner.
  3. Select the Collection that your Team Project is in (i.e. DefaultCollection)
  4. Click “Manage collection security group and group membership”
  5. Add user from the members tab of “Project Collection Administrators”

Metro Style – App Bar Button Placement Rules

Posted June 20, 2012 by Tom Krueger
Categories: Metro App


After getting some feedback on my app from Microsoft, I learned that the bottom app bar should be broken up into three main sections (Left, Middle, Right).

  • Left is for actions to be performed on the selected item.
  • Middle is for page specific actions.
  • Right is for Global actions.

It may or may not be documented in the guidance as things are changing.