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Setting Up Android Dev Environment on Windows 7

January 13, 2012

It is about time I take a look at the Android Development environment.  Here are the steps I took to set it up.  Most of this is documented at

  1. Install JDK
    File: jdk-7u2-windows-x64.exe from
    Installed To: C:\Program Files\Java\jre7\
  2. Install Eclipse Classic
    Unzipped and ran Eclipse.exe
  3. Install Android SDK Starter
    File: installer_r16-windows.exe from
    Installed To: C:\Program Files (x86)\Android\android-sdk
  4. Install ADT Plugin for Eclipse
    Followed instructions at Restarts Eclipse
  5. Configure ADT Plugin for Eclipse
    You need to choose one Android Platform to install.  I choose the latest to allow it to finish setting up.

Overall the install process was fairly easy, however, it would have have been better if someone would create a manager to walk through the setup and click install instead of having to download, wait, install, wait, repeat for next step.  The fun part was being able to walk through the “Hello, Android” tutorial pretty quickly and run it through the emulator.  The cool part is that it is very much like WPF XAML, well at least at a first glance at least.


1) When creating a device in the AVDManager for some reason it could not create directories.  I ran the AVDManager with administrator rights and it worked.

2) The SDK Manager may not download everything as it says.  I have had it happen twice when something that was checked didn’t get downloaded.  If you find unexpected errors occurring go back to the SDK Manager and make sure it says installed.

I will update this post as I play around more with general setup info.